Alliance is a charitable platform that allows Library Street Collective and participating artists to contribute 100% of funds raised to a nonprofit or organization of the artist’s choice. Each iteration invites the profiled artist to contribute an artwork as a way to transform artmaking into activism, putting forth their talent and passion to help others. At a time when there is such an unprecedented need across the country to fund activist and community groups, meal programs, healthcare and shelter - as well as countless other initiatives - we have been energized by the number of artists who have offered their time and work to help causes that resonate with them. We hope that collectors who engage with these works will keep this spirit of generosity in mind, knowing that as they bid they are receiving a work of art that is a catalyst for change. Each iteration of Alliance will profile the charity or initiative that the artist has chosen, introducing our audience to important groups that are key players in the ongoing fight for social justice and the fulfillment of basic human needs across America.

How it Works

  • 01Bids will be accepted over a 5 day period during the week of each launch.
  • 02Bids are kept confidential and will be sent to Library Street Collective through the ‘Place Bid’ button.
  • 03Should you decide to increase your bid, simply bid again. Your highest bid will be considered your current offer.
  • 04Upon closing of the auction, the highest bidder will be notified by email, including a secure link to pay by credit card. The winner will have 24 hours to complete the transaction.
  • 05Each bid placed will include the costs for shipping, packing, and transportation to their specified location. 100% of the remaining proceeds will be donated to the charity listed.

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