Robert Moreland is a minimalist sculptor/painter living and working in Los Angeles. The artist explores line, color and 3-dimensionality in a manner that has roots in early minimalism and yet is presented in an entirely contemporary way. Instead of simply experimenting with shaped canvasses or geometric painting alone, he folds the 2-dimensional plane to see how line and color are disrupted by actual volume. Like the creators of 1960s “painting objects”, Moreland creates in the unconventional space between painting and sculpture. Light plays across the angled surfaces and drops shadows that echo multiple profiles of the work. He begins with a folded paper maquette for each piece, and when convinced, the artist uses tacks to fix his canvas to panels and hinges them with strips of leather.

Hailing from south Louisiana, Moreland unofficially studied painting and sculpture at Louisiana State University. Moreland is a 2016 Rema Hort Mann Foundation Grant Nominee and his work is a part of the Frederick R. Weisman Collection. He has been exhibited in NYC, Louisiana, Los Angeles, Seoul and New Orleans.

Born in south Louisiana
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Robert Moreland — undefined

Robert Moreland

Untitled Blue Rectangle IV, 2021
Canvas on wooden panel with acrylic paint, tacks & leather hinges
31h x 84w x 6.25d in

The combination of the raw canvas, tacks, wood, and paint. It’s the perfect combination. There’s nothing superfluous about it.

— Robert Moreland

Selected Work

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