The Armory Show — Jammie Holmes and Tyrrell Winston

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The Armory Show — Jammie Holmes and Tyrrell Winston

Tyrrell Winston

Fade to Black, 2020
Found tarp, steel panel, auto paint
72h x 42w in

Library Street Collective is excited to partner with Marianne Boesky Gallery at The Armory Show, September 9-12, 2021, where we will jointly present a selection of works by Jammie Holmes, Tyrrell Winston, Allison Janae Hamilton, and Jessica Jackson Hutchins.⁠

Library Street Collective is excited to present a new painting by Jammie Holmes, titled Furs and Concrete, the work depicts a figure in an elaborate fur coat, standing in a modest space at the boundary between kitchen and living room. The piece contains recurring symbols in Holmes’ work, including a black-and-white checkered linoleum floor, wood paneling, a church fan, and a brown sparrow that recalls the safety and solace of his grandmother’s backyard in Thibodaux. Also included are works by New York-based multimedia artist, Tyrrell Winston, whose practice is rooted in the recontextualization of discarded objects and the stories they tell. Nostalgia, speculation, and the gap between where we are and where we want to be are regular themes within his work. Two of Winston’s Protection Paintings will be on view, created through the configuration of worn tarps and steel plates sprayed in automotive paint.

Among the featured works, Marianne Boesky Gallery will present recent works by Allison Janae Hamilton. Hamilton’s work combines land-centered folklore with the lived experiences and pressing contemporary issues of the American South, driven by her own connections to Kentucky, where she was born, to Florida, where she grew up, to rural Tennessee, the location of her maternal family’s homestead. Seen through photographs and a mixed media sculpture that contains found materials such as reclaimed wood and feathers, Hamilton evokes the haunting yet epic mythologies of today’s changing southern terrain. The gallery will also present a mixed media work by Jessica Jackson Hutchins. Hutchins’ expressive practice engages intimately with materiality and form. In Guitar Face, 2019, the artist creates a hybrid juxtaposition of materials, including paint, ceramic, a guitar face, and household objects such as a chair, to explore the intersections of art and life with human emotion and rawness.

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