Z E N A X — Beverly Fishman and Gary Lang

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Z E N A X — Beverly Fishman and Gary Lang

Beverly Fishman

Untitled (pain, depression, adhd), 2021
Urethane paint on wood
64h x 56.5w in

Library Street Collective is pleased to announce Z E N A X, a two-person exhibition featuring the work of Beverly Fishman and Gary Lang, opening November 19th from 6-8pm. Melding two very powerful, unique artistic voices, Z E N A X portrays a conversation between the works and the artists. The vibrancy of color presents a connection between the artists’ processes, yet color is utilized in their work in very distinct ways.

Born in Philadelphia, Beverly Fishman has called the Detroit area home for nearly thirty years. Her masterfully crafted three-dimensional paintings appear formal, yet discuss a very serious, prevailing complication within the medical field. Inspired by medical pills, Fishman is holding a lens over the pharmaceutical industry - simultaneously praising and criticizing it.

Gary Lang is based in Ojai, California and his work is the result of a meditative, yet meticulous process of pattern-creation through movement, feeling, and physics. With an underlying understanding of color spectrums and intuitive rendering of patterns, he manipulates hues to imbue his work with spirit and energy.

Z E N A X is an amalgamation of two words that relate concretely to each artist’s practice, ‘zen’ and ‘Xanax’. Zen, a school of Buddhism that emphasized the importance of meditation, explicitly relates to Lang’s work, while Xanax, a sedative used to treat anxiety and panic disorders, relates to Fishman’s work. The words come together to discuss a practice of meditative euphoria and medication, both utilized in efforts to create calm and stability, whether naturally or artificially.

With Z E N A X Fishman and Lang each present new works, varying in size and color, yet convening through the conversations that fill the gallery space. As line, color, and form break up the monotony of white walls, each piece draws the viewer forward, closer to varied details and possible meaning. While Fishman’s work is grounded in reality and representative of pharmaceutical components, Lang’s work challenges viewers to ebb and flow through the abstract works and theoretical dimensions. One can feel lost peering into Lang’s massive tondo, ATTICUS, retreating to a spiritual voyage, with released inhibitions. The colors form layers that are not physically present, but are perceived nonetheless.

Fishman’s work, on the other hand, provides much more opaque color grids, and obstinate edges that refuse to blend or merge in any way. Each component of the works stands as its own element, while the interconnectedness lies within the brief moments of attachment between the shapes. Fishman cleverly titles the works with hints of meaning for each piece, guiding viewers to understandings of representation. Each shape represents a specific ailment, a prescribed medication, and a complex link to the successes and failures of the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

The organizing of Lang’s and Fishman’s work within a single exhibition demonstrates the complexity of painting as a physical medium, as well as conceptual framework. Two artists with drastically different practices come together to share messages that are personally relevant and universally applicable.

Z E N A X will be on display at Library Street Collective from November 20, 2021 through January 6, 2022.

Install Images

Artwork Images

Beverly Fishman — Beverly Fishman and Gary Lang

Beverly Fishman

Untitled (high blood pressure, depression, antipsychotic, depression, anxiety), 2021
Urethane on wood panel
48h x 113w in

Gary Lang — Beverly Fishman and Gary Lang

Gary Lang

ROR, 2021
Acrylic on canvas
91h x 103.5w in

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