Zona Maco — Kelsey Brookes, Sam Friedman, Jason REVOK

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Zona Maco — Kelsey Brookes, Sam Friedman, Jason REVOK

Library Street Collective is pleased to present new works by Kelsey Brookes, Sam Friedman and Jason REVOK at Zona Maco. Stop by and visit us this week at Booth G215. Pattern/Repetition/Production is an installation of paintings and sculpture by Kelsey Brookes, Sam Friedman and Jason REVOK for Zona Maco 2019. The intense study that accompanies repetition and pattern slows both the viewer and the artist, forcing each to take time with creation and observation. The use of a repeated pattern, motif, or subject begs the question of why a particular replication—whether it be of an image, a brush stroke, or other element—might be so worthy of attention that the artist has chosen to depict it multiple times over. Upon observation of a pattern or repeated subject, the viewer will knowingly or unknowingly investigate the nature of the mechanism behind the work’s production. What tools or processes are used in the creation of the painting? Brookes, Friedman and REVOK all feature repetition and pattern in their work, but their processes diverge. A side-by-side analysis of work by these artists will investigate tension and drama in their contemplative abstract patterns and repeated subject matter.

Zona Maco, on display from February 6 through Febraury 10, 2019.

Install Images

Artwork Images

Kelsey Brookes — Kelsey Brookes, Sam Friedman, Jason REVOK

Kelsey Brookes

Form Constant - light teal funnel, 2019
Acrylic on wood panel
24 inch diameter

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