RESIST COVID TAKE SIX! is an artist-driven public awareness campaign by Carrie Mae Weems to educate and enlighten Black, Brown, and Native American communities on the impact of this deadly virus on their lives. TAKE SIX! refers to the recommended six feet of separation in social distancing.

The campaign uses billboards, alternative messaging, public art projects, and other creative means to highlight the staggering death toll of COVID-19 and alert the general public. Through these efforts, it underscores the importance of social distancing, encourages public discussion, dispels the myths and dangers of false cures associated with the virus, and finally thanks our front line and essential workers.

Since its launch in Syracuse, NY, in April, Weems’ grassroots campaign has reached 10 cities across the United States. Now, for RESIST COVID TAKE SIX!’s next chapter, she’s partnering with Library Street Collective. Says Weems, “It’s really taking on great traction. It’s in New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Savannah, Miami, Sarasota, Nashville, Dallas, and Chicago. And we’re really excited to now be partnering with Library Street Collective to bring the project to Detroit.”

Library Street Collective has worked with Weems to concentrate our efforts in Detroit’s East Village, where we have installed wheatpaste posters on a number of commercial and residential buildings throughout the neighborhood. In order to expand the campaign, organizations, restaurants and other small businesses in the area will be distributing Resist COVID Take Six! tote bags, stickers, and buttons, as well as paper bags with shopping and takeout orders.

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