Library Street Collective

About Library Street Collective

Since its inception in 2012, Library Street Collective has presented artists and programming that connects Detroit to the international arts community while maintaining crucial support to the local creative renaissance of the city. The gallery’s influence extends beyond its brick-and-mortar location into the city’s public, private and heritage spaces. A crucial aspect of Library Street Collective’s efforts involves raising awareness and funds for nonprofits and other worthy causes, particularly those based in Detroit.

The gallery has rapidly evolved to include exhibitions, collaborations and partnerships with major museums. Large-scale public projects are an essential aspect of the gallery’s programming that bring experiential contemporary art to the Detroit community; currently underway is an ambitious public arts campus in the East Village neighborhood of Detroit with plans to designate the area as the city’s next cultural district. At the heart of the plan is the Shepherd, a one hundred ten-year-old Romanesque-style church that will be transformed into a cultural arts center with multi-faceted programming focused on exhibitions, public projects, and performance. The arts and culture campus will not only blur the lines between commercial gallery, institution, and community arts center, but it will also spark new opportunities for collaboration with galleries, museums, and arts organizations, both locally and abroad.

Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 12PM - 6PM
(313) 600-7443

For media inquiries, please contact:
Kate Morais, Sutton