sssssssHe has produced paintings for the greater part of his life that explore primarily the formal concerns of paint, tools and surfaces as they relate to the scale of the human body; while occasionally touching down to get blessed, tainted - or both - by the non-linear narrative of life. Friedman’s paintings pilot a plane that takes us from the ethereal to the earthly, on a ride that is neither past or present, but rather timeless, accessible, and transformatively escapist.

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Sam Friedman

Untitled, 2020
Acrylic on canvas
85h x 141w in

I’m trying to create something that has a meditative quality, or a quality of taking you away. One of those things that just kind of puts out a positive, enjoyable experience as if an element of the earth. There’s definitely a meditative quality to doing the same types of tasks over and over that present a slow refinement.

— Sam Friedman

Selected Work

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Untitled (Sun Discs) 7, 2020
Set of five hand-painted tondos on paper, mounted in circular frames
19.25" in diameter each

Sam Friedman — undefined

Sam Friedman

Untitled, 2017
Acrylic on canvas
72h x 120w in

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