— Expo Chicago 2024

Press Release

  — Expo Chicago 2024

James Benjamin Franklin

Front, 2024
Acrylic, fabric, plaster, glitter, sand, and epoxy on extruded polystyrene
63h x 60w x 2.75d in

Library Street Collective is pleased to announce our participation in EXPO Chicago 2024 (booth #133) from April 11th through 14th, with a group exhibition featuring artists Akea Brionne, Kyle Coniglio, James Benjamin Franklin, Paul Kremer, Geoff McFetridge, Robert Moreland, Jacqueline Surdell, Michael C. Thorpe, Natalie Wadlington and Allison Zuckerman. The show will present these ten artists at both emerging and established points in their careers who, by blurring lines of style and discipline within their distinct creations, challenge traditional classifications and modes of craft, expanding the visual vocabulary of the art of painting.

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