Curated by Allison Zuckerman — Kaleidoscopic Companions

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Curated by Allison Zuckerman — Kaleidoscopic Companions

Library Street Collective is pleased to present Kaleidoscopic Companions, a group exhibition curated by artist Allison Zuckerman. Featuring a roster of esteemed artists including Colleen Barry, Basil Kincaid, Chris Regner, Drea Cofield, Mike Shultis, Milo Matthieu, Danny Ferrell, Mario Moore, LaKela Brown, Shona McAndrew, and Zuckerman herself, Kaleidoscopic Companions weaves together centuries of artistic wisdom with contemporary innovation.

Kaleidoscopic Companions emerged from a dual ambition: to illuminate the diverse perspectives of contemporary American artists while exploring the enduring influence of art history on their creative processes. As a framework for the show, each participating artist was invited to select an art historical work as the catalyst for their creation, resulting in a convergence of past and present within each piece. The results investigate the act of picture making and its sociological implications, with comparisons manifesting both aesthetically and conceptually across the board.

The series of reinterpretations span a spectrum of responses to their reference pieces. Some artists praise, embrace or pay homage to the legacy of their chosen work and its maker, while others have used this exercise as an opportunity to question, critique or subvert significant works of the past. A coincidental, unifying thread emerges amongst the group of artworks in their shared figurative nature, which serves as a bridge between the historical and the personal realms, capturing and reflecting contemporary ideals and modes of perception. Using images to speak on conditions of race, gender, technology, tradition and more, the exhibition invites viewers to consider the evolving landscape of our world, both in its progress and regress, and the role that the artist plays within it. Through this approach, the artworks reveal truths about the present more so than the past, which the audience is reminded by when engaging with each artist’s distinct style.

Throughout the exhibition’s development, Zuckerman prioritized the importance of collaborative dialogue between the participating artists. Virtual meetings facilitated open discussions, allowing for the exchange of ideas, inspirations, and perspectives. These sessions fostered familiarity among the artists, deepening their understanding of each other’s work and personal journeys. Moreover, they unveiled the intricate connections between contemporary concepts and historical influences, enriching the evolving artworks. “Like the mesmerizing tessellations of a kaleidoscope,” says Zuckerman “the exhibition presents a harmonious synthesis of historical legacies and modern insights, while having simultaneously nurtured a sense of community amongst the 11 participants throughout the process.”

Kaleidoscopic Companions is on view from April 20 to May 29, 2024 at Library Street Collective.

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