— Unobstructed Views

Press Release

  — Unobstructed Views

Jason REVOK, Charles McGee

Library Street Collective and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) presented Unobstructed Views—a group exhibition at the historic W. Hawkins Ferry house. A modernist gem, the house was restored in 2015 with the owner’s original intention in mind—to showcase a vast art collection and views of Lake St. Clair. Unobstructed Views included a curated collection of over 30 groundbreaking contemporary artists. The home setting offered the opportunity for conversation about the original Hawkins Ferry House art collection, currently located in museums throughout the country.

Artists: Nina Chanel Abney, Derrick Adams, Brian Belott, Trudy Benson, Katherine Bernhardt, Sanford Biggers, Greg Bogin, Kendell Carter, Jack Craig, Greg Fadell, Beverly Fishman, James Benjamin Franklin, Sayre Gomez, Tyree Guyton, KAWS, Mike Kelley, Paul Kremer, Andrew Kuo, Sadie Laska, Austin Lee, Tiff Massey, Tony Matelli, Charles McGee, Josh Reames, Scott Reeder, Tyson Reeder, Jason REVOK, Carlos Rolón, Holton Rower, Adrianne Rubenstein, Chris Schanck, Willie Wayne Smith, Agathe Snow, Sheida Soleimani, Devin Troy Strother and Spencer Sweeney.

Unobstructed Views, on display from July 27 through August 10, 2017.

Install Images

Artwork Images

Greg Bogin — Unobstructed Views

Greg Bogin

Sun Up/Sun Down (for GL), 2016
Acrylic and urethane on canvas
98h x 34w inches

Beverly Fishman — Unobstructed Views

Beverly Fishman

Untitled (Depression), 2017
Urethane paint on wood
39.50h x 79w x 2.25d inches

Jason REVOK — Unobstructed Views


Instrument Exercise (X2 Shaped), 2017
Synthetic polymer and oil enamel on canvas
90h x 120w inches

Sanford Biggers — Unobstructed Views

Sanford Biggers

Cameo, 2017
Fabric, acrylic, sequins on archival paper
18h x 18.50w inches

Austin Lee — Unobstructed Views

Austin Lee

Drowning, 2017
Airbrush and acrylic on canvas
48h x 84w inches