— Untitled Art Fair

Press Release

  — Untitled Art Fair

Jacqueline Surdell

heiress, 2023
Cotton cord, nylon cord, steel, steel frame
96h x 48w x 36d in

Library Street Collective is pleased to announce our participation in Untitled Art 2023 in Miami from December 6th through 10th, 2023. For the presentation, the gallery will feature a group exhibition with artists Tiffany Alfonseca, Akea Brionne, Heather Day, Sam Friedman, Jammie Holmes, Anna Kunz, Zoe McGuire, Jason REVOK, Jacqueline Surdell, Paul Verdell, Natalie Wadlington and Tyrrell Winston. Through the presentation of paintings, sculptures and multimedia works distinct in their methods of creation, the exhibition investigates the integral and diverse role that the human body plays in each artist’s practice, whether exhibiting the concept through subject matter, process-based and physically intense practices, or studies of the mind-body connection.

Install Images

Artwork Images

Heather Day — Untitled Art Fair

Heather Day

Two Octaves, 2023
Mixed media on canvas
56h x 72w in

Sam Friedman — Untitled Art Fair

Sam Friedman

Untitled, 2023
Acrylic on canvas
36h x 72w in

Natalie Wadlington — Untitled Art Fair

Natalie Wadlington

Courtyard in Morning, 2023
Oil on canvas
84h x 84w in

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